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Service Above Self

We meet Thursdays at 7:00 AM
The Riverside Hotel
2900 Chinden Blvd.
Boise, ID  83714
United States
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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Boise Centennial
Rotary International's mission is to provide service to others, promote high ethical standards, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through its fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders.

Boise Centennial Rotary Club was chartered in 2007 to provide a smaller, more intimate alternative to some of the larger clubs in the Treasure Valley.

Boise Centennial's community service focus is fighting childhood illiteracy through programs such as the District 5400 3rd Grade dictionary program. We also run monthly drives for local nonprofits.  Our flagship event is the Winter Wine'd Up, a wine tasting and fundraising event for Giraffe Laugh. 

Our club actively donates to Rotary International and is consistently ranked as one of the top-giving clubs per capita within District 5400.


Most of Boise Centennial Rotary

Club Stories
Animals In Distress Association, Inc. (AIDA) is a nonprofit  volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and successful release of injured, displaced and orphaned wildlife. Founded in 1987 by a group of individuals who recognized the need for organized wildlife rehabilitation in the state of Idaho, AIDA consists of state and federally licensed rehabilitators and those volunteers who assist then in their efforts. AIDA is funded entirely by annual membership donations, contributions and fundraising events, and receives no state or federal funding. As our population grows, so does the impact on local wildlife with loss of habitat, human interference, pollution, injuries by domestic pets, hunting, trapping, automobile mishaps, poisoning, and acts of cruelty. In each instance, AIDA seeks to find a responsible and humane solution for both wildlife and the general public
Landscaping pavers / stones / bricks
Gift Cards (Lowe's, D&B, Zamzow's, PetSmart, Petco, etc)
Seeds & grains (see website)
Tools & equipment (hammers, loppers, electric saws, chainsaws, etc.)
Office Supplies (Post-Its, sharpies, pens, envelopes, etc)
Heating pads
Baby blankets
Lots of Kleenex

As I conclude my year as President of our great Club, one word comes to mind:  WOW.

 What a great year and for that I thank you all!  Special thanks to all my fellow Club members who have served in this position before.  As Past Presidents, you set the course for success that I hope we were able to stay on this last year. Thanks to our Board for all the great support and thanks to all of our members for what you each individually contributed.  Together we continued our growth this last year in so many ways. 

 We continued to grow our membership numbers, which I believe is the true testament of what our Club has to offer.  We continued to get to know one another and learn that as diverse as we are, we still have a lot in common, even beyond Rotary.  We continued to appreciate one another, our families, our respective careers, our trials and tribulations, and our uniqueness.  Along the way, we jointly celebrated our successes.  We continued to adhere to the great values of Rotary by being active, by being of service to others, and by doing our part to make our community better.  We continued to volunteer and contribute to those less fortunate than us.  We continued to look for ways to make our Club better and to run more efficiency.  We continued to be recognized by others for how special our Club is and what it has accomplished.  We continued to learn some amazing things about our community and the world we live in and how truly lucky and blessed we are.  In short, we had a pretty darn good year!

 The continued growth and success that we have had this last year has everything to do with each of you and your commitment to make our Club better.  I got to steer the boat this year, but I had some fantastic folks pulling the oars who made my job easy.  And, as I step back and grab an oar again, I know that you will continue to support Teresa this next year as she takes over at the helm and leads us forward. She will do an amazing job.  

I hope that you are as proud of the Boise Centennial Rotary Club as I am.   Thank you and cheers to you all!  Jim

Dear Fellow Rotarians

Let me start first by thanking you all for this opportunity to represent our Club in our commitment to fellowship and community service.  It is truly an honor and privilege that I will uphold to my best ability.  Next, I want to thank all of the past and current leaders for  keeping our Club in good standing physically, mentally and in fellowship.  With this strength we will have fun achieving our goals of community service while always learning.  Please feel free to reach out to me and let me know your thoughts and desires for our Club and know that I will be reaching out to each of you too. The growth of our upcoming Winter Wined Up event  has so much potential with the electric momentum we witnessed this year.  Our sights are high and it feels good to be a part of a great group of people who can make things happen.  Cheers to us as we maneuver this upcoming year looking forward to our District Governor’s, Jim Hogg’s visit in October and Rotary Idaho’s 100 year anniversary next year.  The opportunities will be endless to have FUN and we will make an impact on our community in this 2016-2017 Rotary Year!   Thank you again.  Best Rotarian Regards,  Teresa

In case you missed our meeting last week, two important events occurred.  First our new officers were inducted and are now in place as of July 1st to serve you for the upcoming year.  Congratulations President Teresa Paige, President-Elect Jane Gordon, Vice-President Chase Erkins, Secretary Amy Byrd, Treasurer Scott Caulfield, and Sargent-at-Arms, Michael Barker. Its going to be a great year with this group leading us.

 Also, outgoing President Jim Martin, presented his “President’s Awards” at the meeting last Thursday.  This was something new that Jim decided to do.  He appreciated what all the members did to make this last year a great one, but he called out a few that he thought deserved special attention.

 Spirit of Service Award:  Renee Bade   Jim recognized Renee for not only choosing a career that focuses on service to others and volunteerism, but also for demonstrating through her actions as a member of Club the Rotary motto of Service above Self, without desire for personal recognition or reward.  Renee lives and breathes service every day and as it relates to our Club she made a substantial impact and is one who definitely walks the talk for all that she does.  She exemplifies the “Spirit of Service.”


Thank-You-For-Your-Service Award:  Constance Carlson.   Jim recognized that Constance has been a great member of our Board for a number of years and did a great job at the Treasurer of our Club.  She stepped down this year after many years of service.  And Jim thanked her for all of her efforts making our Club what it is today.  Scott has big shoes to fill.


Above and Beyond Award:  Amy Byrd.  Sargent Byrd was announced as the recipient of the President’s “Above and Beyond” Award.  Jim wanted to recognize Amy for all her amazing contributions to the Club which Amy took on and handled without a lot of direction or guidance and the fact that whatever she was asked or volunteered to do, Amy went to work and just got it done.  She stayed on task, always doing more than her fair share, no matter what the task, no matter what the project, and no matter how much time was involved.  She is active member of our Club who was always doing things that were “above and beyond” the call of duty.  Nice job Amy!


Rotarian of the Year:  Michela Swarthout.   Jim was also very pleased to announce that Michela was the  recipient of his President’s “Rotarian of the Year” Award.  Jim went through the long list of everything Michela did for our Club this year and all the extra effort she put in.  From all the marketing and other efforts for the Winter Wined-Up, to putting together the fantastic Club Showcase for District Conference, for being the Club’s liaison for numerous things, including Ethics in Business, Rotary Young Professionals, and the Boise Greenbelt Project, to co-chairing the international project committee, and for showing up for all of our Club’s service projects and giving yet, more of her time for the betterment of our Club.  Jim noted that he does not know what he would have done without Michela this last year and that the entire club owed her a big thank you.  Michela was a well-deserving “Rotarian of the Year.”

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