Boise Centennial Rotary for June 22, 2017
Save the Date - Officer's Meeting!! 6-28-17
Teresa has asked for all the current and incoming officers to attend a meeting on Wednesday, June 28 at 6pm. The meeting will be at the Barrelhouse Restaurant(corner of Glenwood and Chinden.) We have not had a quorum the last 3 months and have been unable to address business in the club. Please plan on attending. If you are a current officer, please bring a list of your duties. Thank you!
Service Project with Giraffe Laugh
Renee has confirmed our summer services project with Giraffe Laugh to take place on Wednesday, June 21st from 6-8pm. The address is 901 W Resseguie St, Boise, ID 83702.
Giraffe Laugh
It's Time for McCall Ball 2017!!

July 14-16McCall Ball is a family-friendly, easy-to-learn, 3-person, CO-Ed 'softball' game for all ages.  Teams will play with an oversized plastic bat and a nerf-type ball.  Each team will be guaranteed 3 games, throwing, batting and catching required- Running is not!  McCall Rotary Club is introducing this event to the public, fees collected will go to the Rotary local scholarships and programs in need.

More information available here:


Rotary is building a park along the last stretch of Greenbelt and selling commemorative bricks.
Greenbelt lovers will jump at the opportunity to create a legacy to show their enthusiasm for the Greenbelt. Boise knows the Greenbelt is one of the things that makes Boise a special place! This park will be unique, featuring the Lugenbeel monument and honoring Greenbelt history. Order your brick now!
There will be three bricks available:
           4x8 three lines of text                       $50.00
           8x8 five lines of text                         $75.00
           8x8 Rotary logo & 3 lines of text      $95.00
Rotary Park on the Greenbelt Sponsorships
As we work toward selling bricks to fund the Rotary Park on the Greenbelt, there are also naming opportunities for the larger components of the park. If you know anyone who may be interested, please get them in contact with John Biggs at #369-0244 or
Monument Restoration $5000
Bike Repair Stand $4000
4 - Iron Park Benches $ 2500 each
Support will be recognized with a 12x12 brick
Idaho Rotary - Celebrating Our Centennial in 2017

We are celebrating the founding of the Rotary movement in Idaho with the chartering of the Rotary Club of Boise:

June 24, 6 pm, Rotary Centennial Gala 

Tickets available here:
Monthly Drive - June 2017
FACES of Hope Victims Center

Our specialized multi-disciplinary team provides crisis-intervention services to stabilize victims, immediately following trauma. Under one roof, we have fifteen private and public organizations that work together to provide:

  • Medical care, forensic exams, and psycho-social evaluation
  • Law enforcement reporting, criminal case orientation and resources, civil legal aid, and protection orders
  • Safety planning, residential lock changes, emergency housing assistance, and basic necessities
  • Empowerment classes, support groups, and self-defense classes
Items Requested:
  • $20 gift cards to WinCo for victims to purchase basic necessities
  • $10 gift cards to Albertsons for victims to purchase gas to drive to/from appointments
Jun 29, 2017
Jul 13, 2017
Intro to the Intermountain Bird Observatory
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Join us Thursday mornings at 7am at The Riverside Hotel