Boise Centennial Rotary for July 13, 2017
Giraffe Laugh Garage Sale - July 15, 2017
Giraffe Laugh (on the corner of 9th and Resseguie) will be holding a garage sale on Saturday, July 15th. Swing by if you are in the market for children's items.
Giraffe Laugh
RYLA District 5400 is coming!!
It's time to support a student to attend the RYLA conference in August. Do you know an incoming Junior or outgoing Senior in high school who may be interested??
Application is available here:
RYLA 5400
CSI Campus
Twin Falls, Idaho
August 3 - 6, 2017
It's Time for McCall Ball 2017!!

July 14-16McCall Ball is a family-friendly, easy-to-learn, 3-person, CO-Ed 'softball' game for all ages.  Teams will play with an oversized plastic bat and a nerf-type ball.  Each team will be guaranteed 3 games, throwing, batting and catching required- Running is not!  McCall Rotary Club is introducing this event to the public, fees collected will go to the Rotary local scholarships and programs in need.

More information available here:


Welcome BBQ for Isabell - Our RYE Student
I will be hosting a welcome BBQ for our new exchange student, Isabell Persson, on Saturday September 16th at my house.
This is an open house potluck for all club members, can you please put this in the newsletter?
Also, I've sent you all a calendar invite that you can forward to others, please feel free to send to club members.
Details below:
What: Welcome BBQ for Isabell (new RYE student) open to all BCR members & their families
Where: 1318 E Franklin St. Boise ID 83712
When: Sat Sept 16 11:30AM-1:30PM
Details: Burgers, buns, condiments will be provided, please bring a dish to share and BYOB.
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Rotary is building a park along the last stretch of Greenbelt and selling commemorative bricks.
Greenbelt lovers will jump at the opportunity to create a legacy to show their enthusiasm for the Greenbelt. Boise knows the Greenbelt is one of the things that makes Boise a special place! This park will be unique, featuring the Lugenbeel monument and honoring Greenbelt history. Order your brick now!
There will be three bricks available:
           4x8 three lines of text                       $50.00
           8x8 five lines of text                         $75.00
           8x8 Rotary logo & 3 lines of text      $95.00
July 2017 Board Meeting
The July Board Meeting is to be held Monday, July 10, 2017 at 5:30 pm in the Quiet Bar at The Riverside. All are invited, please join us!! This is the first Board Meeting for the new Rotary Year!!
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Jul 13, 2017
Intro to the Intermountain Bird Observatory
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Join us Thursday mornings at 7am at The Riverside Hotel