Boise Centennial Rotary for May 25, 2017
RYLA District 5400 is coming!!
It's time to support a student to attend the RYLA conference in August. Do you know an incoming Junior or outgoing Senior in high school who may be interested??
Application is available here:
RYLA 5400
CSI Campus
Twin Falls, Idaho
August 3 - 6, 2017
Rotary Park on the Greenbelt Sponsorships
As we work toward selling bricks to fund the Rotary Park on the Greenbelt, there are also naming opportunities for the larger components of the park. If you know anyone who may be interested, please get them in contact with John Biggs at #369-0244 or
Monument Restoration $5000
Bike Repair Stand $4000
4 - Iron Park Benches $ 2500 each
Support will be recognized with a 12x12 brick
ROTARY PARK ON THE GREENBELT - Everybody sell a brick this week!!
Rotary is building a park along the last stretch of Greenbelt and selling commemorative bricks.
Greenbelt lovers will jump at the opportunity to create a legacy to show their enthusiasm for the Greenbelt. Boise knows the Greenbelt is one of the things that makes Boise a special place! This park will be unique, featuring the Lugenbeel monument and honoring Greenbelt history. Order your brick now!
There will be three bricks available:
           4x8 three lines of text                       $50.00
           8x8 five lines of text                         $75.00
           8x8 Rotary logo & 3 lines of text      $95.00
Updating Your Info In Club Runner Is Easier Than You Think!
This is a great opportunity for one and all to ensure all your contact information is up to date in Club Runner which is our direct link to Rotary International. As you peruse the site you may find something you never new. Please give it a try with the instructions provided!
1) Go to our website.
2) Locate and click on the "Member Area" in the upper right hand corner
3) Log in with your username and password
4) Click on the "Membership" Tab
5) Click on "Member List" on the sub-list that populates after clicking on "Membership"
6) Click on your name.
7) Select "Edit" and proceed to update all data fields that are not correct. Please be sure to "Save" once completed. You can find your Rotary number under the Rotary Tab.
St. Luke's Kid For A Night Friday June 2, 2017

St Luke’s Children’s hospital annual fundraiser, “Kid For A Night”, is in need of volunteers for their event on Friday, June 2nd from 4:30 to 10:30. It is a fun event and volunteers are needed to man (or woman) the games that attendees will be “playing”.  Below is more information on this opportunity.

If you would like to volunteer, please get back to me as soon as possible so I can get you signed up. Please include a shirt size if you volunteer.



Monthly Drive - May 2017 
Let's help support the replanting around Stanley, ID after the devastating Pioneer Fire of last summer.
Needed Items:
Work Gloves
Anti-shatter glasses  Got them!! Thank you Sakena!!
Monetary donation
Jun 29, 2017
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Join us Thursday mornings at 7am at The Riverside Hotel